We are helping organisations comply with the EU Whistleblowing directive

With our platform you will comply with regulation, elevate open reporting, solve cases and protect the people who are ready to take action.
Up to 3 admin users, unlimited whistleblowers

1 whistleblowing channel
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Can include additional training, custom integrations and more
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Includes 8 hours of work from our onboarding specialists (setup and an online training for the admin users). Required in all packages.


An Anonymous reporting channel that complies with regulation

The EU Whistleblowing Directive requires companies with more than 50 employees and municipalities of more than 10 000 inhabitants to set up anonymous reporting channels for whistleblowing. With our platform, you're complying with regulation by enabling your employees' and stakeholders' ability to report wrongdoings while staying protected.


A Turnkey solution that is line with your brand

From a single channel for all whistleblowing cases to a categorised multi-channel solution, our whistleblowing platform offers your organisation all the options to make sure all relevant questions are asked. Customise the front page with your relevant company policies and support them with your brand visuals. The multiple language options, easy-to-use interface and general instructions will make sure that all whistleblowing cases get reported.


Enable and protect dialogue to solve cases

When a new whistleblowing case is reported, case specific credentials are automatically created so that follow-up questions can be asked to help the investigation without compromising the identity of the whistleblower. The dialogue is secured, metadata is removed from possible attachments (e.g. images) and the data is stored in a secured manner within the EU in accordance with the GDPR.


Notifications, built-in case management and investigations

New whistleblowing cases will notify the predefined investigators via email and the same happens when there's additional information given by the anonymous reporter to an existing case. The built-in case management view will help the dedicated personnel to simultaneously monitor both individual cases and the bigger picture. If there are multiple reports that link to a single case, these can be linked with each other.


Case categorisation and customisable questions

Your employees and stakeholders deserve more than a static form with plain open text fields. With our platform you can support open text with different question types (drop-down, radio button, select, multi-select, monetary value etc.) and easily customise the form so that it is clear for the reporter what kind of information is needed. Structuralising the forms also makes it easy to compare categories, root-causes and keywords across locations and departments to give actionable insights that support the investigation.


Let us help you comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive

The new legislation will be implemented across EU countries in December 2021. Don't wait until the last minute but let us help your organisation take action and be well-prepared beforehand. Our experts are happy to discuss the whistleblowing process in more detail so fill-in the contact us form or a book a demo and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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When will the EU Whistleblowing Directive take action?

Member States shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive by 17 December 2021 (source: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32019L1937&from=EN).

How is the Whistleblowing module priced?

The module is priced based on number of users who receive and investigate the notifications and number of channels. Our pricing plans start from 120€/month including three admin users and one channel.

Does the number of whistleblowers or employees impact the pricing?

Neither the number of whistleblowers or the amount of employees impacts the pricing.

What is the cost of setting up the system?

Our basic onboarding package covers the set-up for the Whistleblowing module. This is a one-time fee of 790€ (VAT 0%).

What is counted as a channel in your system?

A channel in our module is a weblink that contains customisable forms, icons and texts. Channels can be shared as links e.g. on website or intranet. We can create separate channels based on your needs: for different types of whistleblowing reports (harassment vs. money laundering), for employees and external service providers, for consumers etc.

Who is counted as a user in your system?

Users are those who receive the observation, communicate with the whistleblowers and investigate the cases. Only people who are specifically invited to the system as users are counted as users. Administrators can manage and view the users inside the system.

Are email or website forms viable channels for whistleblowing?

No. They do not meet the requirements of the directive. You can read more about the topic from this blog post: 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Whistleblowing Channel.

How is the anonymity of the whistleblower protected in your system?

Observations are sent through secured whistleblowing channels that work as open web links. After reporting the observation, the whistleblower receives anonymous credentials to give further information about the case through anonymous dialogue. Furthermore, we do not store the metadata of any images or attachments and the IP address details of the reporter is not visible to anyone.

How is the IT security covered in the system?

The system is secured with multiple technical and organisational security measures. You can find more information about our security measures here or request a more detailed security documentation by contacting us via email at support@planbrothers.io.

How long does the onboarding take?

Up and running in a week or two is our promise. Additional training or an SSO-integration adds a few weeks for the overall implementation time.

What can the whistleblower see in the system?

After reporting the observations, a whistleblower can log in with anonymous credentials and view her/his original whistleblowing report. No other reports will be shown for the whistleblower. The whistleblower can also see comments to her/his case added by the people handling the investigation.